RN Train-the-Trainer Course: Introduction

South Dakota Board of Nursing's Unlicensed Diabetes Aide
RN Train-the-Trainer Course

Developed by:

South Dakota Board of Nursing

Gloria Damgaard, RN, MS, FRE, Executive Director
Linda Young, RN, MS, FRE, BC, Practice Specialist

Certified Diabetes Educators

Rhonda Jensen, RN, CNS, CDE
Mary Lobb Oyos, RN, CNS, CDE, BC-ADM

About this Course

This training program has been specifically designed to prepare you to teach unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) the key skills necessary to safely perform delegated diabetes care tasks including the administration of subcutaneous (SQ) insulin.

This course provides information to guide you in overseeing the training of the UAP to successfully become registered to administer insulin as an Unlicensed Diabetes Aide (UDA). Before the UAP can be registered as a UDA, she/he is required to complete the SD Board of Nursing's 5 hour online UDA training course. You, as the trainer and delegating RN, are accountable to make certain the UAP completes the training, to answer the UAP's questions on the content of the course, and to share specific protocol, facility guidelines, and/or policies with the UAP.

This course will also provide you with information on assessing and determining the competence of the UAP in performing the required diabetes care tasks. Additionally, suggestions for appropriate, safe delegation and supervision of the UAP's performance are provided.

Once you have completed the following modules notify the Board of Nursing and an online survey/evaluation of the course will be emailed to you; once completed, a certificate of completion will be emailed to you. Maintain a copy of the certificate in your records as evidence of meeting requirements in ARSD §20:48:04.01.

The UDA Training is found at this link.

Complete all of the following modules:

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