Registration by Endorsement


Individuals who meet the following requirements may apply to waive the 16 hour theory portion of medication aide training.

  1. Must have a minimum of a high school education or the equivalent (GED)
  2. Must have completed a Medication Aide Training Program (MATP) of at least 20 hours in length
    • Attach a copy of the MATP certificate of completion that lists the name, location, and date completed
  3. Must be currently registered as a medication aide on another state's medication aide registry
    • Attach a copy of verification of active registry status as a medication aide.

If above requirements are met:

  1. Complete the 4-hour clinical/lab portion of an Approved MATP under the supervision of an approved RN or LPN instructor
  2. Complete the Board’s Clinical Skills Checklist with an approved RN instructor, to evaluate medication administraton competency
  3. Complete the Application
    • An RN must sign the application attesting to the applicant's competency
    • The name of a test proctor must be identified on the application  Proctor Information  
  4. Pass the Board's online medication aide test.   Exam Information  
    • After taking the exam, an applicant will receive immediate notification of pass/fail 
    • After passing the exam, an applicant will be added to the Board's medication aide registry; registration is valid for 2 years
    • After failing, an applicant should review learning materials with RN instructor, then submit the Re-take Exam Application
    • Upon failing a second time the applicant is required to repeat the 20-hour course.
Only the 16-hour theory portion of the MATP is waived; the applicant must complete the 4-hour lab/clinical and pass the Board's exam.

Check Application Status or Verify Registraton  Registration cards may be printed from the Verification Site.

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