Complaints & Disciplinary Process

Anyone who believes a nurse or a registered medication aide has committed a violation is encouraged to report the situation to the Board.  

 Grounds for Discipline Action

The SDBON may take disciplinary or corrective action against a nurse (LPN, RN, CNM, CNP, CRNA, or CNS) or an unlicensed medication aide (UMA), when there is sufficient evidence and proof to support that the licensee or registrant violated one of the grounds listed in SDCL 36-9-49 or ARSD 20:48:16:04.

 Mandatory Reporting

South Dakota law requires nurses and other health care employees or facilities to report knowledge of or reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect of elders, adults with disabilities, or minors to the SD Department of Social Services

 Complaint Information & Due Process

Submit complaints on Certified Nurse Aides (CNA) to the SD Department of Health
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