Scope of Practice

  • All nurses must hold an active SD nursing license, or a compact multistate license, to practice nursing in South Dakota.
  • South Dakota codified law, SDCL 36-9-4 and ARSD 20:48:04 outtline the legal scope of practice for RNs who practice in the state of South Dakota, in-person or via telehealth. 
  • All health care providers, including nurses, are expected to adhere to the requirements in SDCL 34-52 when providing services to patients located in South Dakota through telehealth.  

Scope of Practice Decision-Making Framework

  • Nurses and employers are encouraged to use the Board's approved Scope of Practice Decision-making Framework as a guide to making decisions on whether a specific task, intervention, or activity is in an LPN's scope.  

Delegation to Unlicensed or Registered Assistive Personnel

Additional Resources

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