Board of Nursing


to protect the public through the regulation of nursing licensure, practice and education, in accordance with SDCL 36-9SDCL 36-9AARSD 20:48, and ARSD 20:62.


to inspire public confidence in the profession of nursing through regulatory excellence and honoring human dignity.

  • The Board licenses registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), and advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), including certified nurse midwives (CNM), certified nurse practitioners (CNP), certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA), and clinical nurse specialists (CNS); and registers unlicensed medication aides (UMA) and certified nurse aides (CNA). 
  • The Board approves nursing education programs for the preparation of LPN, RN, and APRNs and training programs for medication aides, nurse aides, dialysis technicians, and diabetes aides.
  • The Board receives and investigates complaints on nurses and medication aides. 

Future Meetings

  • June 5, 2024
  • August 6, 2024
  • November 6, 2024
  • February 4, 2025
  • May 6, 2025
  • August 5, 2025
  • November 4, 2025

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

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