Central Line Delegation

 Nurse Delegation Requirements

  • An RN, with a minimum of one year of dialysis experience, may delegate central line hemodialysis tasks to a certified dialysis technician, in a stable nursing situation, according to ARSD 20:48:04.02:10 and facility policy.
  • The RN must provide direct supervision of the dialysis technician and be physically present in the immediate area where the client is being provided dialysis care. 

 Dialysis Technician Requirement

  • A certified dialysis technician must complete a board-approved central line hemodialysis training program.

 Training Program Requirements

  1. Central Line Training Program Application

  2. Central Line Skills Lab Checklist & RN Observation Form

  3. Direct Observation of Central Line Tasks Form

  4. Annual Skills Performance Direct Observation Checklist Form

  5. Administer Final Exam: the RN program instructor may contact the board office to request access to questions for use in developing an exam.

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