Initial Registration

Requirements to be Registered as a Medication Aide:

  1. Completed high school education or a GED
  2. Completed a 20-hour board-approved medication aide training program   Approved Training Programs

  3. Submit Online Application allow 5-7 business days for processing.

  4. The RN instructor must submit the RN Attestation Form 

  5. Passed the Board's online medication aide test.   Exam Information  

    • An applicant must identify the name of a board-approved proctor when applying.  Proctor Information  

    • After taking the exam, an applicant will receive immediate notification of pass/fail. 

      • After passing the exam, an applicant will be added to the UMA registry; registration is valid for 2 years.

      • After failing, an applicant should review learning materials with RN instructor, then submit the Re-take Exam Application

      • Upon failing a second time the applicant is required to repeat the 20-hour course.

Check Application Status or Verify Registraton  Registration cards may be printed from the Verification Site.

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