Nursing Assistants

Nursing assistants are defined in South Dakota's Administrative Rule: 20:48:01:01(6) as "a person trained to assist a licensed nurse and function in a supportive role, regardless of title, and to whom a nursing task may be delegated". The Board has specific rules and requirements for the following nursing assistants:

 Medication Aide:

South Dakota requires that a licensed nurse must educate and train medication aides, delegate only specific medication administration tasks, and supervise the medication aides. Registration by the board is only required for medication aides in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, and hospitals.  

 Certified Nurse Aide:

Regulation of certified nurse aides (CNAs) in South Dakota is a shared by the Board of Nursing, Department of Health, and Health Care Association.

  • The Board of Nursing oversees the approval of nurse aide training programs and registers qualified CNAs.
  • The Department of Health receives and investigates complaints and issues discipline on CNAs.
  • The SD Health Care Association facilitates the development and adminstration of the nurse aide competency evaluation including the skills and written exam.

 Diabetes Aide:

When a licensed nurse is not available to administer SQ insulin, an RN may delegate the insulin administration, and other diabetes care tasks, to an educated and trained diabetes aide.

 Dialysis Technician:

South Dakota requires that a licensed nurse educate and train dialysis technicians, delegate specific dialysis tasks, and supervise dialysis technicians. Registration by the board is not required for dialysis technicians.

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