Diabetes Aide

 Nurse Delegation Requirements

When a licensed nurse is not available, an RN, who has met the requirements listed in ARSD 20:48:04.01:17, may delegate the following tasks to a qualified and trained diabetes aide: 

  • Helping a person with an insulin pump or with an insulin pen device;
  • Administering subcutaneous (SQ) insulin from a vial and syringe or with an insulin pen device;  
  • Assisting a person with counting carbohydrates; 
  • Performing blood glucose monitoring.

Nurses are required to follow the General Delegation Criteria and Supervision requirements and should review the Delegation Decision Making Algorithm to guide whether a specific nursing task may be safely delegated.

 Diabetes Aide Requirements

  1. Complete the 10-hour diabetes aide training course that is taught by an RN instructor  
  2. Pass a final exam, administered by the RN instructor
  3. Pass a skills competency evaluation administered by the RN

 RN Instructor Requirements

  1. Have on file a written protocol that includes the requirements listed in ARSD 20:48:04.01:16(4),(5)
  2. Complete the BON's online RN Train-the-Trainer Course;
  3. Teach or ensure that the 10-hour diabetes aide training course was completed by the Nursing Assistant. The course must consist of:
  4. Annually, revalidate the Diabetes Aide's competency, as required in ARSD 20:48:04.01:16(6); an RN may opt to use the Board's Diabetes Aide Competency Checklist
  5. Document training and maintain on file per facility policy.  

 Supervision Requirements

  • Initital supervision by the RN is required: the delegating RN must meet in-person with a new Diabetes Aide during a client’s mealtime at least two times per week in the first four weeks to consult with the Diabetes Aide and to evaluate competence.
  • The RN must always be available by electronic communication at all meal times.
  • The RN must evaluate the Diabetes Aid's competence annually using the Board's Diabetes Aide Competency Checklist
  • See rule: ARSD 20:48:04.01:16(4).
Diabetes Aides employed in Assisted Living Centers are required to be registered as a Medication Aide
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