Nurse Licensure Compact

South Dakota is a member of the NCL. Holding a multi-state license (MSL) allows a nurse to practice in other member states without obtaining additional licenses in other NLC states. To hold a MSL, a nurse must be a resident in a NLC state. Be prepared to provide documentation to support residence in South Dakota, examples: state driver's license, voters registration. 

A nurse who holds a MSL and changes state residence to another NLC member state must apply for a license in the new party state within 60 days!  NLC Moving Scenarios Fact Sheet

Nurses are required to practice according to the laws and regulations of the state where the nurse practices or provides care. Practice occurs where the patient is located at the time care is provided, physically or electronically. Nursing practice is not limited to patient care, and includes all nursing practice as defined by each Compact State's practice laws.

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