Application for Licensure by Endorsement
Registered Nurse (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Instructions for Endorsement Application

Print this page for reference.

Read the following instructions carefully before proceeding with the online application process.


This application is for license by endorsement in South Dakota for RN or LPN licensees. Advanced Practice nurses will need to apply by using the Initial Advanced Practice licensure link on our Home page. This process is for individuals who have never been licensed in the state of South Dakota.

South Dakota (SD) joined the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) 01/01/2001. You are not eligible for licensure in SD if your primary state of residence is another compact state. See for a list of compact states.

An application is null one year following the date that it was accepted by the Board. Fees are non-refundable.

You must:


You must request your college to send the official transcript of your grades, with degree conferred, directly to the Board of Nursing office. If your nursing school program is closed, it is your responsibility to locate the custodian of the school records. Copies of transcripts sent by applicants will not be accepted. Only official transcripts sent directly from the nursing program to the Board office are accepted. If your school requires that they submit electronic transcripts, please have transcripts emailed to

Criminal Background Check

You must use fingerprint cards that are provided to you by the SD Board of Nursing office.
To obtain our fingerprint cards, you must mark the box on your application that reads: Please mail out the Criminal Background Check packet to me (CBC packet will be mailed to the address provided on the application). These cards must be returned to our office accompanied fee by a money order.

Verification of Original State of Licensure

Verification of licensure is required from your original state of licensure. To obtain this verification, please go on-line at to complete the electronic verification process and fee payment. We will check this website for your verification upon receipt of your application.

Exception: For states that do not participate in NURSYS, you will need to use the Verification of Licensure form. Complete the top section of the “Verification of License” form and forward the form to your original state of licensure. Most states charge a fee for completing a verification form. Please contact the appropriate state for proper fee information.

Verification of Employment

To obtain or retain an active nursing license, you must provide verification of nursing employment or volunteer work of at least 140 hours in any 12-month period, or an accumulated total of at least 480 hours, within the preceding 6 years.

Please have previous or current employer complete the employment verification form and return to the SD Board of Nursing, you may also email the document to If you are a new graduate please indicate "new graduate" on the online application, you do not need to complete this form.

If you are unable to provide verification, contact the SD Board of Nursing concerning a Nurse Refresher Course.

Temporary Permit

A Temporary Permit will be issued when the following documents have been received at the SD Board of Nursing office:

  1. Online application for licensure by endorsement
  2. Completed Criminal Background Check cards and fee
  3. Photocopy of current license bearing an expiration date
  4. Completed application for a Temporary Permit and $25 fee (within the licensure by endorsement application you will be asked if you would like to also apply for a Temporary Permit, if yes, $25 will be added)
  5. You will not receive a paper copy of the Temporary Permit. Verification of your Temporary Permit can be found on the SD Board of Nursing website
South Dakota law regulating nursing is mandatory. It is illegal to practice as a nurse without a current license or a valid Temporary Permit. A Temporary Permit is issued for a period of 90 days and is not renewable.

To track the progress of your application, you may check our website and click on Application Status under Online Services. Those items without dates next to them have not been received in our office yet.

A receipt with a confirmation number will display at the end of this process if your application and payment have been submitted. Please print this receipt as proof of payment.

Please keep the Board of Nursing informed of any address changes by completing the address change option on this website.